Happy Pride, Sackville. Today students, faculty and community members alike will be marching in Sackville’s second annual Pride parade, a celebration of identity, experience and resistance for queer* people. Queerness is not a single, homogenous experience. To get a more diverse picture and provide visibility to the community, Argosy staff interviewed more than 30 LGBTQ+ […]

Orientation week is in crisis. Amidst accusations of the corruption and “stagnant mediocrity” of the programming, several student leaders and reactionaries raised concerns that “the best week of your life” needed to undergo serious changes. The chair of orientation teamed up with the Argosy to provide a platform for students to have their voices heard: […]

Like so many public observances, Pride weeks are always at risk of having their meanings and functions distorted or repurposed for use against queer communities. As I have seen them, the official politics of Pride organizations are at odds with the values displayed in practice. Despite having attended Pride festivities this year in Halifax, Montreal […]

After a long week,  some Mount Allison students choose to decompress by going out, often to on-campus events sponsored by the Mount Allison Students’ Union (MASU). Every year the MASU uses students’ money to hire a student photographer to capture these events. The pictures are then posted to the MASU’s Facebook page. Unfortunately, the photos […]

“I didn’t want to be an Ivory Tower. I wanted to be useful,” said Sarah Cardey at a recent presentation. Cardey, an interdisciplinary social scientist and former Mount Allison drama student, currently works as a professor at the University of Reading, specializing in gender and development, communications and rural livelihoods. Cardey’s presentation in the Motyer-Fancy […]

Judging by the poster, one might mistake Captain Fantastic for a Wes Anderson film or a cheap knockoff of Little Miss Sunshine. Instead, it is a charming independent film from new director Matt Ross. Starring Lord of the Rings’ Viggo Mortensen in the titular role, this spellbinding film hits all the right notes in all […]