I, Deb McMillan, am in absolute SHAMBLES. I fear my pure, virginal, Taylor Swift-loving daughter has been corrupted by what can only be described as ‘politically correct Marxists!’ The return of my daughter this weekend was not a joyous one. Reagan was right, the commies are everywhere! My sweet, non-critical thinking baby girl has been […]

1. Exams got you like…? a) :S b) :0 c) :X d) 8===D ~ 2. Your relationship with the professor is…? a) purely physical. b) hateful c) Facebook official. d) He’s such a cool guy. I heard he drank a beer with a student last semester!       3. Your masturbation habits lately? a) […]

Kwei, I am delighted that Mt. A has made 2016 “The Year of Indigenous Knowing.” In the wake of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the university has committed to directing its focus and services to Indigenous issues on campus. In the last two years, Mt. A has hired an Indigenous Affairs Coordinator, implemented an Indigenous […]

While most students headed back to their home after their first day of class, the members of the Mount Allison varsity swim team were diving into the pool for their first practice. The swimming season spans seven months, making it one of the longest sport seasons in the Canadian Inter-University Sport (CIS) Conference. The team […]

One of Mount Allison’s oldest clubs, the rugby program, has a rich history. Founded in 1890, social inclusivity and league success have remained cornerstone to the club since its foundation. Everyone is welcomed, regardless of skill. There are no tryouts and everyone who wants to be included is given a place on the team. If […]

Where would you be without sports? For many students, sports introduce them to community and offer them acceptance during the trying time of adolescence. For those who can not afford organized sports, local programs in urban areas can help them get involved in athletics. In many isolated Indigenous communities, however, sports remain inaccessible. Taylor Peters, […]