An economic boom in sticker sales has investors baffled while researchers point fingers at university students. Recently, laptop sticker companies have recognized that their largest consumer market is the university community. Why stickers? What are the reasons behind this growing industry? Laptops, tablets and jumbo smart phones all have great potential in the classroom: many […]

Fall may be here, but don’t call it “sweater weather!” Ditch that cable-knit. Throw away the circle scarf. Your wardrobe needs an update. Fear not! We have put together a guide to fall’s hottest trends. From the runway to the breezeway, explore the looks that will dazzle and inspire! Mountie Football Gear This season, football […]

Mount Allison students probably know how the Pond’s reputation has been dragged through the mud in recent years. Failed events, such as the Pond’s attempt to host a “Men’s Night,” have caused students to avoid the campus pub.  One student captured this sentiment last week in an Argosy article about Club P, in which she […]

The Mount Allison community is known for being politically active and socially engaged, with a strong feminist presence. Despite this, there is still a culture – not unique to Mt. A – that forces women to perform more emotional labour than men. Emotional labour can be defined as expending energy to address the feelings of […]

Keys held tightly between my knuckles – a false sense of protection – I start the run back to residence, hoping that the sooner I walk through the doors, the sooner I will be safe from predators and harmful strangers. I have felt fear before – it is natural not only as a human being, […]

Trying to maintain control over your university education can be a struggle. While conversations are ongoing over what kind of say students should have on topics such as tuition, course content and accessibility, few students are aware that their voices are also considered in deciding promotions and tenure for professor applicants. Tenure and promotion ensure […]

Mount Allison’s fine arts program focuses primarily on teaching students the technical aspects of artistic production – how to use materials and tools. The program attempts to teach students how to properly price their work, apply for grants and find gallery spaces. Despite the program’s breadth, it can be complicated for emerging and practising artists […]

Neil Young’s song “Cinnamon Girl” inspired this drink, and like the song’s famous one-note guitar solo, it’s pretty straightforward. In another of his songs, “Ordinary People,” Young sings about “hard-working people stopping for a drink on the way to work.” I recommend waiting until after work to enjoy this adaptation of a classic Irish coffee. […]

In a society that is always asking us to be more absorbed in our professional lives, our reliance on others for food has become increasingly pronounced. In varying degrees, the work of planning, shopping for, cooking and cleaning up after meals makes up a highly industrialized food culture. Within consumerist narratives, fast, pre-packaged lunches are […]

Mount Allison English professor Janine Rogers has a passion for interdisciplinary collaboration that is reflected in her research, which encompases both literary and scientific fields.   Last Thursday, Rogers gave a lecture titled “The Nature of Knowledge: the Shared Material Life of Science and Literature” in Brunton Auditorium. In addition to teaching, Rogers also holds […]