SUBLETTER WANTED! : Posted by Carl Description: Housing available for subletting. Nice view, just a 30 minute walk to campus, I am leaving on exchange and need someone to take my place on the lease for months of February to May. Additional Details: 3 bedroom / 2 bathroom unit. Other roommates are chill. $500 a […]

I don’t feel safe going out in Sackville. I am not alone in feeling this way: like me, several female students I have talked to have had negative experiences with sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviour on nights out in town. Following a particularly negative experience in which I was groped by a stranger at a […]

Graduating sucks. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to get far, far away from Mount Allison. But graduating is still really stressful. Most of this stress arises from the never-ending questions about my post-grad plans. What’s next? What are you going to do with your degree? Grad school or no grad school? What school? […]

Depression is not a storm It is the eerie moment of sitting in the rubble Trying to reform It is a wilting flower Or the leaves in fall Or getting their voicemail when you call When you’re almost there but you run out of gas Driving too fast to escape the past It’s hitting walls […]

Last Friday, Sackville was treated to a rare event: a staged production of Verdi’s La Traviata performed by Jeunesses musicales. Despite cuts to its plot, the romantic tragedy retained its magic by virtue of the actors’ stellar performances. La Traviata tells the story of Violetta Valery (played by Cristina Pisani), a hedonistic social butterfly who […]

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a global investment tycoon, but felt like you couldn’t because you’re already majoring in philosophy? Last Thursday, students were given the chance to live out this alternative reality by participating in the third-year International Marketing class’ mock “International Fair,” where they could speak with “salespeople” and discuss market goals […]

As public interest in craft beer has risen over the last few years, passionate startups have sprung up throughout the Maritimes. Get your peanuts and pretzels ready, because Sackville will soon have its own brewery. Headed by 14 students who are in Mount Allison’s entrepreneurship class, a commerce course instructed by Nauman Farooqi, the Bagtown […]

At this point in the semester, the stresses that our studies, relationships and society in general impose on us often reach a critical mass. A friend of mine recently mentioned that she is quick to feed her close friends whenever cooking becomes too great a challenge to take on, aware of their occasional need to […]

Using a combination of video installation and performance, Myriam Jacob-Allard explores motherhood with an interdisciplinary approach. Jacob-Allard, an artist from Montréal who is currently in residence at Struts Gallery, works with music in connection to familial relations. Jacob-Allard’s most recent works attempt to deconstruct conventional notions of motherhood. By embracing the appearances of Québécois country […]