1. Thrasher fedoras 2. Phone sex with someone in the same room. 3. Performance art in which the artist simply eats can of cold Chef Boyardee and keeps looking at their phone, repeatedly refreshing Instagram to see if they got any likes 4. Impressionist-style paintings made with bacon grease 5. Posting pics on the Gram […]

Once as a bratty child, I said to my older sister that I wasn’t a feminist because I “believed in equality not female supremacy,” and she very patiently explained to me what feminism means: equality for everyone. Over 20 years later I’m a teacher of feminism, a social justice volunteer and an activist. As a […]

A common assumption among science students is that they will continue on in post-graduate academia by pursuing either medical school or graduate studies in research. As a third-year biology student, I am not alone in being unsure about my own plans after completing my degree at Mount Allison. For students in the sciences who find […]

As a temporary resident of Sackville, travelling for the holidays complicates my meaning of “home.” In a literal sense, being home means sleeping in the house where I grew up and where my mother still lives. The sight of familiar mountains and the miscellanea of left-behind objects in my childhood bedroom affirm that this house […]

Starting today, Stereophonic will provide Sackville residents with a welcomed escape from the frigid reality of winter. In its 14th year, the festival’s new multimedia dimension plans to merge the music scene with the visual arts by incorporating a zine fair and short film screening to the concert program. The festival doubles as a fundraiser […]

As the class of 2017 approaches the end of their time at Mount Allison, many are left standing before an abyss that holds limitless potential, but also an overwhelming amount of limitations. Some students opt for graduate studies, while others search for the best employment options to pay off their student debt. Others yearn for […]

“Back to the Stacks,” featuring DJ Shub, formerly of A Tribe Called Red, closed the Winter Carnival in exciting and surprising fashion last weekend. Hosted by the Mount Allison Students’ Union (MASU), the event took place in an unusual venue – the Ralph Pickard Bell Library. DJ Shub, a Juno award-winning musician who creates euphoric, […]

If you seriously think tangerine is the new pink, you should probably stay away from Con Hall for the next few weeks – you might get locked up by the fashion police. The volunteer cast and crew of the Garnet & Gold Musical Theatre Society (G&G) have been rehearsing for hours each week since late […]