Fuck a Pillsbury Pizza Pop™ OR a McCain Pizza Pocket™? Wear the world’s biggest boots OR the world’s tightest jeans? Have a penis for a nose OR have penises for fingers? Always walk really slow OR only sprint? Every time your parents make love, you must watch OR join in, just once? Constantly smell like […]

~Day 1~ The craziest thing happened today. There I was, reading a book while walking through the academic quad. All of a sudden, BAM. I ran into a chain-link fence. There was a construction worker finishing the fence in front of me. He just looked at me shrugged and walked off…I wonder if this is […]

Saturday morning, many of us woke up to the circulating photo of a Swastika drawn in the snow on our own football field. I am in absolute disbelief that a group of people took the time to express their hatred and intolerance toward certain marginalized groups of people. The Swastika was used as an emblem […]

In an unprecedented response to the inauguration of a United States president, the Women’s March on Saturday, Jan. 21, drew more than 500,000 people to Washington, D.C., and 400,000 to New York City.  All across the U.S., across Canada from Vancouver to Halifax and all across the world, support marches were held. This was an […]

Since the United States election, many people have told me that I do not need to be concerned about Donald Trump’s presidency because I do not live in the U.S. While I certainly do not have the same fears as many marginalized people living in the U.S., the threat and reality of Trump’s presidency has […]

Student employment at Mount Allison has become a significant part of our university experience. This has happened in light of increased tuition costs and the need to enter the full-time work force with both an education and a wealth of practical work experience. While it can be said that student jobs on campus are available […]

It’s the middle of January, and second semester is well underway. If you haven’t caught a cold yet, it’s only a matter of time until you do. After coming down with the sniffles last week, I owe my survival to the hot toddy, a delicious way to fight off a cold. To fix one up […]

It was a welcome respite to step out of the wind and cold and into the warmth and peace of the Mount Allison Chapel for an hour of organ music last Friday evening. The resounding tones of the organ, played by Nicholas Veltmeyer, organist and pianist from Halifax, ushered people into the room. This performance […]

Mount Allison’s popular student-edited journal, 7 Mondays, is once again on the line to have its levy revoked. If the student body votes against continuing to fund the journal, which compiles student-submitted works of photography and creative writing, there may not be future editions. The referendum to decide the journal’s fate will coincide with the […]