Awkwardness of One Night Stand Amplified by Presence of Sheets Mom Purchased in Grade 7 Area White Liberal Finds Solace in Weekly Viewing of “SNL Weekend Update” “I’m really struggling to read the news lately,” said Dan, a 27 year-old man from Moncton who is in no way adversely affected by anything actually happening in […]

Dear Dr. Campbell, As I’m sure you understand, I’ve been alarmed by recent events in Canada and the U.S., namely the so-called “Muslim ban” and the tragic shooting in Quebec City. In class, multiple professors have pointed out – with gaunt faces – that events today closely mimic those in Germany leading up to World […]

The concept of freedom of speech seems to have a very slippery meaning, in that it means very different, even disparate, things to different people. The idea behind freedom of speech is great: by allowing the free-flowing exchange of thoughts and ideas, somehow (usually through some form of essential reasoning apparently inherent in all humans) […]

Last Friday, just over a dozen students attended the “Test of Privilege” organized by the student run Multicultural Organization and Social Arena for International Cooperation (MOSAIC). Intended to help people understand the effects of societal privilege, the activity enabled participants to draw comparisons between their lives and those of their counterparts in attendance. The test […]

I was recently gifted Mary Frances Kennedy Fisher’s 1937 Serve It Forth. This book is a meditation on culinary history that begins by announcing its intention to break with earlier traditions of gastronomic writing. In impeccable prose, Fisher traces the history of culinary excesses in Greek antiquity, offers a literary account of the potato and […]

As global warming and climate change continue to impact our lives, it is vital that we are educated on the topic of environmental conservation and appreciation. This past Wednesday at Sackville’s Vogue theatre, freelance production company VideoBand put on a “docfest,” or a mini festival of documentaries, to do just that. The festival was put […]

Last Saturday, the music department continued the celebration of the Music at Mount Allison Anniversary series in a captivating recital by music department head Stephen Runge. The performance, “A Century Passed – Music for Solo Piano from 1916-1917,” presented works by well-established composers of the late-19th and -20th centuries with several works connected to World […]