Over the years, I’ve heard a multitude of critiques leveled at global volunteer organizations, also known as voluntourism. Some make claims that it attracts narcissists keen on acquiring the social capital that white-saviour imagery affords; others recognize that voluntourists are on the whole the most unqualified people their organizations can legally send abroad to do […]

Working for the MASU has been a really valuable experience and one of the highlights of my Mt. A career. I have had the pleasure of working with some incredibly dedicated and hard-working students. Sometimes the job is thankless and stressful, and it is always underpaid. This is a flawed organization that requires serious evaluation […]

Last week, Mount Allison voice majors had the opportunity to learn from established mezzo-soprano Krizstina Szabó. The event included an inspiring and impressive recital, as well as an informative masterclass. The class offered six voice students the opportunities to sing for her and receive insightful advice on stage presence, effective breathing and interpretation techniques. “It […]

Playwright, actor, director and filmmaker Mieko Ouchi spoke last Wednesday in the Motyer Fancy theatre. A multi-talented gift to the Canadian arts world, Ouchi spoke on her journey to success in theatre, offering words of encouragement to aspiring drama students. She presented at Mount Allison as part of a week of guest lecturing in New […]

The Monday following reading week, the Tesla Quartet performed its third recital of the school year, showcasing again why it is a highly acclaimed chamber ensemble. The program featured string quartets by landmark composers Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Jean Sibelius, as well as American composer Kevin Puts’s Dark Vigil, which offered a striking contrast to […]

When the news spread last week that Mel’s Tea Room was at risk of being sold, numerous responses poured onto Facebook. I read most: Some were short notes – a handful of them charged with racist overtones accusing the owners of Song’s Chopsticks of trying to buy out the building – and others were wistful […]