My queer body will not bend to your cis white ableist capitalist heteropatriarchy that abuses this earth and its people. My queer body is a vessel for my queer heart and mind, neither of which you are allowed to have or break. My queer body is absolutely magical even though I have not always known […]

It’s no secret that Sackville is cold in March. The sun rarely shines during the day, it snows sporadically, the wind blows hard and cold and at night, the temperature falls well below zero. Despite these harsh conditions, student activists have occupied campus since Monday. We are students, all of whom have heavy course loads, […]

As a Mount Allison student, I am extremely fortunate to live close enough to campus to be able to walk to classes if I so choose. However, if you don’t live close to campus, or if you’re going to get a coffee before class, finding a place to park is like trying to find a […]

My Saturday hangover simply refused to subside. After drinking approximately 11 gallons of water, inhaling a mountain of hash browns and popping half a bottle of Advil, the throbbing pain behind my right eye continued to dance down my neck. It was a pain, I realized around dinnertime, that IPAs and cigarettes alone could not […]

With the slowly rising temperatures, lengthening days and upcoming finals-season panic, spring’s arrival feels imminent. For many senior students, spring brings something else to look forward to: graduation. Apart from the speeches and distribution of diplomas, an important part of the collegiate graduation tradition is the valedictory address. Last week, the 2017 grad class voted […]

We have all experienced dance in one way or another – whether you are a nightclub enthusiast taking centre stage at Club P, a slow swayer at a T&L show, or a private midnight mover in front of the mirror, dance is an expressive, self-reflexive and engaging experience. As the semester draws to a close, […]

Last week magicians, angels and devils were seen gliding, crawling and scrambling across the Motyer-Fancy Theatre’s stage in a production of Dr. Faustus. Christopher Marlowe’s 16th-century play tells the story of a German scholar who, dissatisfied with the conventional forms of knowledge available to him, decides to dabble in magic and the sinister arts. This […]