For residents of Sackville, experiences with climate change may be hard to understand as we live in a temperate zone with direct proximity to the ocean. Our day-to-day weather is predictable and consistent, which cannot be said about Indigenous northern communities.   Dr. Joshua Kurek, professor of geoscience at Mount Allison, visited Savoonga, an Indigenous […]

We all got some chuckles from last week’s The Anarchy. I’m a fan of the annual satirical issue of our beloved paper, but I could definitely get behind a name change. I think that calling a satirical paper The Anarchy belittles some super-relevant political ideas. It also helps to entrench a centuries-old smear campaign that […]

Climate change is terrifying. Abjectly terrifying. We live in one of the most environmentally volatile times that humanity has encountered, including the ice age. There is scientific consensus that climate change resulting from human activities is a fact. Most reasonable people see and recognize this and realize it is an issue that we can no […]

With spring fast approaching, we are already well into maple syrup season. A versatile ingredient for a lot of different cocktails, maple syrup serves as an excellent substitute for simple syrup, which many recipes call for. Simple syrup, a mixture of sugar and water, lacks the distinct flavour of maple syrup, which can make some […]

Graphic novels and the illustrative style of comic making have seen a resurgence over the past decade. While DC and Marvel have been pumping out comic-based movies at an excessive pace, often with amazing box-office success despite how often these extremely hyped movies lack substance, a subculture of comic art is on the rise. Because […]