Fourth-year double major in history and political science, David Taplin is the recipient of the Crake-Sawdon award in student journalism for his substantial contributions to the Argosy’s 2016-17 sports and health section. Fascinated by the interrelationships between historical events and current politics, Taplin incorporated his academic interests in history and storytelling to his involvement in […]

Mount Allison University President and Vice-Chancellor Robert Campbell will complete his term in June 2018. The process to find the next university president, facilitated by the Board of Regents’ presidential search committee, is currently underway. The Board has additionally contracted the consulting services of managing partner Anna Stuart through the executive search firm Knightsbridge Robertson […]

On the morning of Thursday, April 6 many students arrived on campus to see two messages reading “DECOLONIZE” and “ENOUGH LIP SERVICE” spray painted onto the facade and sidewalk of the Ralph Pickard Bell Library. The writing was removed by facilities management by noon that day. Though there was no official statement published by the […]