¡Sacabuche! kicks off the Sackville Early Music Festival with newly researched compositions Fall has returned to Sackville, and with it the annual Sackville Festival of Early Music. On Friday, Sept. 22, I had the absolute pleasure of seeing ¡Sacabuche! perform the inaugural concert for this year’s festival, which is now in its 13th year. The […]

Meet Dave. Dave owns a sweet mustache, a vibrant suspender collection and your local rock store. Dave’s Rock Emporium at 15 Bridge Street is Sackville’s only source of quality new and used LPs, bold jacket buttons, decorative posters and polished rocks. Having opened in July, it is the newest addition to the downtown streetscape. In […]

Group of early music specialists put on unique and engaging performance This past Homecoming weekend was more than just parties and football. Mount Allison’s Brunton Auditorium played host to many musicians specializing in early music as a part of the Sackville Festival of Early Music. The festival included performers, like the Toronto Consort, from all […]

What up? Trill Waves comin’ back at ya with some fresh new tips. In this installment, I’m gonna tell you how to survive your first round of midterms. Before we begin, a side note: I woke up this morning (Sunday the 24th) severely hungover after the insanity that was homecoming. When I came to, I […]

Assassins aren’t born, they’re made. Badly. I’ll just get out there and say it: This is a bad, thematically obtuse movie that eerily glorifies real world violence without any objection to the brutality unfolding onscreen. Our protagonist, Mitch Rapp (played by Dylan O’Brien), is quite honestly a walking, talking gun. His only personality trait other […]

Cecilia Stuart is a fourth year honours student in the english department. “My research looks at ecopoetry by Canadian women writers in the context of biosemiotic theory. Biosemiotics understands human language as one small component of a much larger system of sign interpretation that occurs within and between all life forms. In other words, our […]