What is even real anymore?

Definitely not good laptop design at Acer Long time no see, dear readers. We’ve been on hiatus for a while now and have finally returned to the harsh reality of being another cog in the great mechanism that is the Argosy newspaper. As the cool kids say, wyd? But as we like to say, how […]

Eco tip: Check the ingredients listed in your daily soaps, lotions and cosmetics

Identify the harmful sulfates, parabens, and microbeads that harm you and the environment Have you ever checked the ingredients listed on your shampoo bottle? Well, maybe it’s time to squint your eyes and check out what the small letters say. At first, I was intimidated by ingredients such as retinyl palmitate, isopropylparaben and polyethylene terephthalate. […]

Ineligibility issues arise in AUS football league

Loney bowl cancelled and rescheduled by AUS in light of Saint Mary Huskies scandal The AUS football season has faced several complications near its end due to player ineligibility on the Saint Mary’s Huskies football team. With already two forfeited games on record from the start of the season, the Huskies were in boiling water […]

Charitable acts require compassion

Kindness meters enable us to ignore the presence of those in need The city of Saint John recently installed “kindness meters.” The idea is that those who do not want to respond directly to panhandlers can instead make a small donation of a few coins in something resembling a parking meter. The problem is that […]

Allies must allow Indigenous peoples to speak for themselves

My legal name is Ashley Rose Cummings. My traditional names are prominently Rose and Komangaapik. In the traditional naming system, a name is given to you based on who passes away around the time you’re born. I’m very proud to have these names. They have caused me to symbolically be these people, because Inuit naming […]

Environment Canada visits on GIS Day

Technological applications of a down-to-earth minor The GIS (geographic information system) department held an exhibition on Sackville’s geography on Wed, Nov. 15. Matt Mahoney, a landscape analyst from the Sackville branch of Environment Canada, joined faculty members to speak to the recent population decline in at-risk species in our area. The event was meant to […]

Mt. A Choral Society prepares for a challenging performance

Choir and guest musicians excited to perform Mendelssohn’s Elijah Every year, the Mount Allison Choral Society prepares large scale works such as Mozart’s Organ Solo Mass, excerpts from Saint-Saëns’ Christmas Oratorio and Faure’s Requiem, featuring guest musicians or student soloists. This term’s selection is considered a highlight in comparison to the recent repertoire selections listed […]

Composing the silenced female voice in ‘Paradoxes’

Highlighting the lack of representation of women in art This past weekend a collaborative project between the music and drama departments amplified the voice of a long silenced artist. Paradoxes: The Life and Music of Fanny Hensel explored the hard reality of women’s experiences in the arts by highlighting the strife and triumphs of censored […]