In my brief brush with art history, I’ve noticed that financial motives divide artists into camps of booed sellouts or glorified starving geniuses. The less artists live off of, the more their genius is adored. Never mind the privileged ones, it’s moments of artistic agony that achieve common knowledge. Consider Van Gogh selling his pieces […]

100 years after the Russian Revolution, what is left of the communist hypothesis? November 7 marked the 100th anniversary of what is probably the most defining moment of the last century. On that day in 1917, the military committee of the Petrograd workers councils (soviet in Russian), led by the Bolshevik party, deposed the provisional […]

Mount Allison currently offers over 20 exchange programs across four continents, catering to many unique interests Note: All personal experiences are from my study abroad at L’Université de Strasbourg in France. Other universities will offer different experiences, but with similarities. I was shocked to find how inexpensive my study abroad experience was. That’s right, living […]

Moving into residence at Mount Allison, I was extremely excited about meeting new people and making new friends. But I was also a bit nervous about academic life, and I had a ton of questions. Would I be able to handle the pressures of university courses? How would I know if I was even taking […]

Kylie is a storyteller at heart, expressing loneliness and heartbreak with sincere lyrics. Filled with clever rhymes and a satisfying overall arc, her debut EP Balcony is an intersection of pop and folk, evocative of an older Joni Mitchell. It’s digestible pop with an edge that a lot of mainstream music is scared to express. […]

Feminism must be anti-capitalist in order to liberate marginalized women After reading an article published in last week’s Argosy about the interaction between capitalism and feminism, I felt the need to respond as a long-time feminist and a low-class woman. My feminism is inherently and necessarily anti-capitalist, as feminism must demonstrate solidarity with poor women, […]

Erik Garf’s ‘No Misstakes’ and Justin Green’s ‘In This World’ both provide a heavy dose of sincerity The first show staged in this double bill of performances was Hannah Moscovitch’s In This World, directed by fourth-year drama major Justin Green. The curtain rose on two girls involved in an intense physical altercation, punching and screaming […]

Local musicians perform at Ducky’s, offering a glimpse into this year’s CD compilation. This past Thursday, Conduct Becoming hosted their first open mic night of the year. Students performed original songs as well as covers, which provided what Conduct Becoming co-producer Sadie Donahue called a “showcase of what’s on the CD.” Open mic nights allow […]