­My father was arrested in the 1980s protest against the authoritarian government in South Korea. He spent eight months in solitary confinement because he was deemed a political prisoner with high risk of disseminating anti-government ideology. The protests in the 80s were a response to state-sanctioned violence including rapid expansion of martial law and “re-education” […]

First-ever Cold Nights Festival hosted at Thunder and Lightning This past week, Thunder and Lightning (T&L) became a warm hideaway from the frigid Sackville weather as it hosted the first-ever Cold Nights Festival. Presented by T&L and CHMA’s Stereophonic, the festival provided what they described as “half a week of arts-based entertainment to get [Sackvillians] […]

Students share their personal experiences of practicing religion away from home Young adulthood is a time when values and beliefs are questioned and explored. Mount Allison is home to students coming from diverse faith backgrounds, many of whom are grappling with how to navigate and balance student life and spiritual life. Hannah Ingalls, a third-year […]

Emma Bush is a fourth-year honours student in the department of biology. “I am conducting my honours research under the supervision of Dr. Vett Lloyd on the topic of the prevalence and ramifications of Lyme borreliosis (more commonly known as Lyme disease) upon horses of the Maritime provinces of N.B. and N.S. This is important […]

The singular candidate, Jean-Paul Boudreau, discussed qualifications and answered questions On Monday, Jan. 15, Dr. Jean-Paul Boudreau, special advisor and executive lead at Ryerson University, visited campus to meet with the University’s students, faculty and staff. He could be found four times at three different locations across campus. Boudreau spent one hour at each event. […]