Bilingual theatre troupe stages original ‘REX!’ Though the Motyer-Fancy Theatre has been transformed into a pastel paradise for Tintamarre’s production of REX!, the titular character is anything but innocent. I sat down last week with Alex Fancy, the director of the bilingual theatre troupe, to learn more about the collaborative production. He said the show […]

Another successful iteration of Garnet and Gold’s annual musical ended on Saturday Last Saturday, Jan. 27, was the closing night of Garnet and Gold’s production of The Addams Family. Gauging from the fervent applause of the audience, the show was a success. Audience members enjoyed all sorts of theatrical antics, from a quip about an […]

Everything was minimal except the audience Friday night in Brunton brought Mount Allison students a performance of minimalist pieces. Road Movies, a minimalist concert, commanded the stage for the better part of two hours. Ms. Nadia Francavilla was primarily featured, as she performed several pieces on violin. The pieces were composed by some of the […]

It’s a shallow cash grab! Shallow! You’re tearing me apart, Franco! Following any discussion around The Disaster Artist in any way requires context. It is a dramatization of the book written by Greg Sestero that chronicles the making of The Room, a 2003 drama starring Tommy Wiseau and Sestero. The Room is, according to its […]

Emily Hubley is a fourth-year honours student in the department of psychology. “I am currently working on my honours thesis with Dr. Gould. My research focuses on oral hygiene of older adults in long-term care. For my project, we will be implementing a new form of in-service training where care aides will discuss the problems […]

Written by Mirelle Naud Content warning: Article discusses topics of youth suicide and mental illness. For a significant part of her childhood, Ashley Cummings struggled with allergies. When she went to school, she would frequently develop hives, and would regularly take an over-the-counter, and sometimes, when the reactions were particularly bad, she’d leave school early. […]