What’s your library persona?

Aries (March 21 to April 19): When they’re not in class or eating, they are in the library. Probably physically fit from constantly making the trek from class to lib to home to lib to class to lib… Taurus (April 20 to May 20): Loves leading group projects, like, a little too much. Mostly spotted […]

Mounties fans fill the stands for CCAA Basketball National Championships

Women’s basketball team hosts tournament and ties for fifth place The McCormack Gymnasium was uproarious last week as the women’s varsity basketball team hosted seven of the top teams from across the country in the CCAA Basketball National Championships. In the Mounties’ first game against the Medicine Hat Rattlers on Thursday, spectators struggled to find seats […]

Mounties perform on the national stage

Badminton and swimming athletes compete at respective national championships As the semester nears its end, so does the Mounties Athletics season. Over the last couple of weeks, Mount Allison’s varsity badminton and swim teams concluded their seasons, sending athletes to represent the University at their respective national championships. Two members of the Mt. A badminton […]

Use your head and take care of your brain

Without proper care and attention, concussions can leave lasting effects Concussions can cause damage to the brain that, in some cases, can last for decades after the original occurrence of trauma to the head. They consist of temporary losses of brain function that can have physical, emotional and cognitive effects. Symptoms can vary based on […]

Why is stretching important?

Athletic therapist Jocelyn Dowling explains seven benefits Whether it be from Mom, Dad or Coach, we have always been told that stretching is important – but we are never really told why. Jocelyn Dowling, Mount Allison’s head athletic therapist, has the answers to why it can be so beneficial. “Stretching encompasses a lot of pros, […]

Forging connections at the enterprise foundry

Exploring Sackville’s industrial history through the arts Ten years ago, it was commonplace to see Mount Allison fine arts students traipsing down Lorne Street with 35-mm cameras around their necks. They would pass the train station and approach the Enterprise Foundry with captivated caution, attracted to the long brick buildings with high windows where men […]

Entrepreneurship class opens smoothie bar in the Pond

Commerce students open the Quench, following in the footsteps of successful student projects Bagtown Brewery and the Broken Bridge brand Mount Allison’s entrepreneurship class opened a smoothie bar in the Student Centre this week. Dubbed the Quench, it will operate out of the Pond on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. “We had 15 […]

Hard work and ownership

Why we chose to fundraise for the Mik’maq flag The Mount Allison Indigenous Student Support Group (ISSG) is having their first official powwow on March 22. The Mik’maq flag will be coming up permanently on campus, as well. The power that comes with it is ensuring that, when people are on our campus, they are […]

Mount Allison has made significant progress in supporting students with mental illnesses and cognitive disabilities

On March 9, the Argosy published a video titled Accessibility at Mount A with Hannah. The video’s host, Hannah Mackellar, criticized the University’s lack of support for certain disadvantaged groups, stating, “Not only is Mount Allison kind of shit for people with physical disabilities … but they’re pretty shit for people with mental illness and […]