A garden interview with the executive director Often simply referred to as “the Commons,” the Sackville Commons Co-op recently celebrated its first anniversary on Wednesday, Sept. 20 with its first annual general meeting (AGM). The meeting, while intended to highlight and inform community members and stakeholders of the past year’s progress, was also a celebration […]

In a world full of environmental destruction where glucose-fructose rules with its sweet, sweet savour and factory farming is rampant, it is not surprising to see people shifting toward a diet that excludes animal products in the name of eco-friendliness. This movement has gained popularity, and it is now a common conception that vegetarianism and […]

On Sept. 20, the Sackville Pride parade opened with speeches, a flag raising and a march led by a police car with emergency lights spinning. Although this Pride parade took place over two weeks ago, the conversation about the events is ongoing. First, it must be clarified that this article in no way intends to […]

Faint and angelic sounds cut across Mount Allison’s habitual drone of hip hop and drubbing house music last weekend. The sweet tones emerged from the Sackville Festival of Early Music, a performance and lecture series about Song of Songs. Song of Songs is a controversial religious text containing a series of romantic and sometimes-erotic poems. […]

In its sweetest year yet, the Sackville Fall Fair celebrated its 16th last weekend. Taking place at various spots across town, the Fair offered new and returning students the perfect opportunity to explore Sackville. With a new logo looking like something right off of a Shredded Wheat cereal box, the Fair committee boasted its biggest […]

  To refrigerate Sackville’s blistering back-to-school heat, local bar Thunder and Lightning (T&L) offered a refreshing three-band set on Friday, Sept. 8. Local artists Steve Haley and Devarrow opened with lustrous sounds that came directly from the heart of the Sackville marsh. The third and final act was Vancouver-based artist David Simard. Haley took to […]