Low turnout numbers not indicative of a break in Mount Allison tradition It is a rare day that Mount Allison closes due to weather, but it has happened a couple of times this winter. On both occasions, it was due to loss of power rather than simply volume of snow. I took advantage of the […]

Values, Virtues and Vocations Over the last couple of years, I have taken to asking students in their graduating year a different kind of question about their future. Instead of the usual “What are you going to be?” I have taken to asking “Who would you like to become?” This past month, I have applied […]

As an observer and analyst of the intersection between religion and culture, I am academically fascinated and personally horrified by the recent dynamics of religion in Western culture. The church has been in decline in the past 25 years, and many observers have predicted its eventual demise. Now, in 2018, I think that it can […]