Mount Allison alumnus Tom Hearn to appear in annual Second City holiday show “It’s hard work and attitude that get you everything,” said Tom Hearn when asked about Mt. A’s most important teaching. He explained that success comes from “putting in that extra effort and going that extra mile.” When I spoke with Hearn on […]

Motyer Fancy stages a high school drama If Justin Green has learned anything from transferring universities, exploring set construction and a post-audition play change, it’s “don’t doubt yourself.” I sat down with the fourth-year drama student last week to learn more about his theatrical experiences and how they’ve shaped his directorial debut In This World. […]

Erik Garf on creating a collaborative space for improv in the Motyer-Fancy theatre Erik Garf wants “to do something new with improv.” Through the direction of No Misstakes, an improvised take on university life, the fourth-year drama student is doing just that. I sat down with Garf to learn more about the show and what […]

TNB’s new show to play last tour stop in Sackville “Did you notice that everything in this town is named after ducks? Like the café down the street. The Black Duck? And this bar we’re in? Ducky’s?” On Monday, Mount Allison audiences can expect more location-based monologues – not all duck-themed – in the Theatre […]

Alumnus Landon Braverman on climbing from copy work to composing with Broadway stars Since moving to New York City to compose musical theatre, Mt. A alumnus Landon Braverman has worked with Broadway legends, workshopped a musical and “discovered my Canadian-ness in a stronger way.” I spoke on the phone with him to learn more about […]

An inside look at Motyer-Fancy’s first show of the season What do you get when you cross coin-tossing, a travelling troupe of gender-bending actors and Hamlet? You get Tom Stoppard’s Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, running next week at the Motyer-Fancy Theatre. In anticipation of opening night, I sat down with Decima Mitchell, the show’s […]

Sabrina Stace on costuming a cast of sixteen for the this month’s Motyer-Fancy production The cast and director of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead are hard at work memorizing lines and fine-tuning blocking. Two floors up in the costume shop, Sabrina Stace is repurposing a prom dress, crafting glitter beards and hand-stitching eight Shakespearean neck […]

Justin Collette begins performances as lead in School of Rock on Broadway Justin Collette’s days of performing in the Pond are in the past. The co-founder of Presents: the Improv has found a new stage to call his own: Broadway’s Winter Garden theatre, home to School of Rock. I spoke with him on the phone […]

Motyer-Fancy Theatre announced this year’s season last Monday. It will consist of ten productions and two touring performances. “There are plenty of opportunities for actors, for puppeteers, for costume people, for sets, props, you name it. There’s lots of ways to get involved,” said professor Glen Nichols, director of drama. The first show is Tom […]