The Argosy sat down with Marc Truitt to talk about his work as University librarian. Truitt is currently up for reappointment for another five-year term. The decision to reappoint him will ultimately be made by an advisory committee created specifically for this position. Leo Gertler: What are your responsibilities as university librarian? Marc Truitt: I […]

A proposal for new distribution credit regulations has been approved by the University Senate. The aim of these new requirements is to maximize the breadth of disciplines students will have exposure to while also equalizing enrolment across departments as much as possible. Under the new regulations, only a selection of courses, chosen by department heads, […]

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) held an information session last Friday for international students interested in staying in Canada after graduation. The session also included a speaker from the New Brunswick Provincial Nomination Program (NBPNP) and covered a variety of topics, from how to immigrate to Canada to the particulars of navigating that process.  […]

Marie Battiste presented her lecture, “Decolonizing and Indigenizing the Academy: Toward Cognitive Justice,” as part of the President’s Speakers Series on Monday. Battiste, a Mi’kmaq scholar and professor at the University of Saskatchewan, called for a systematic approach to ending what she called “cognitive imperialism.” The lecture drew on personal experiences, family history and a […]

There is nothing quite like a harrowing week of midterms to get me questioning the value of my degree. Why am I here? What’s the point of all this work? Thinking about how my education might be all for naught is horrific. As such, I ventured once more to Tweedie Hall, seeking answers to these […]

“It’s okay to laugh,” filmmaker Liss Platt assured the audience before screening her documentary, Dark Horse Candidate. These reassuring words were important because, while extremely funny, the feature-length film offers an often uncomfortable and highly personal exploration of the relationship between Platt and her father. Platt is working as the current artist-in-residence at Struts Gallery, […]

“Go to school, get a job!” This lesson, delivered by high school guidance counselors across the country, lingers in and haunts my unemployable-English-major psyche. Though I’m capable of completing the first half of the command, the second is sure to prove a problem. This is why I decided to go to Mount Allison’s career fair, […]

The Mi’kmaq flag was raised over campus last Thursday in anticipation of Nova Scotia’s Treaty Day on Oct. 1. Marking the beginning of Mi’kmaq History Month, the day was originally mandated by the Peace and Friendship Treaty of 1752 for the Mi’kmaq and the British Empire to renew their “friendship and submissions.” “The significance of […]

For Mount Allison students living with disabilities, barriers to the educational community are sometimes embodied in the  physical campus. From a lack of accessible infrastructure to the rain, wind and snow inherent in Sackville’s climate, students facing mobility challenges often struggle to get access to the services they need. Rachael Hanakowski, a sociology student with […]