Dr. Annie Roy-Carland discusses her research on deciphering real, fake or suppressed pain On Nov. 2, Dr. Annie Roy-Charland from the Université de Moncton gave a seminar on reading facial expressions of pain in children. Roy-Charland’s talk focused on the ability of parents and nurses to discern whether children are experiencing genuine, fake or suppressed […]

Dr. Sarah Ruden discusses literature in translation in this year’s Crake Lecture series On Oct. 25, Dr. Sarah Ruden, a biblical scholar and essayist who holds a PhD in classical philology from Harvard, gave a seminar on translating ancient texts. Mount Allison’s classics department brought Ruden in as part of their annual Crake Lecture series. […]

Phoenix Colloquium lecture takes a look at mental health, mood and Darwinism On Oct. 12, Dr. Eliza Bliss-Moreau, an award-winning professor at UC Davis and scientist at the California National Primate Research Center, gave a seminar on the biological construction of animal emotion. This talk was part of the Phoenix Colloquium series hosted by the […]

The first Quo Vadimus of the year covers work-life balance within the University   A mix of faculty, staff and students came together to discuss faculty mental health at the first Quo Vadimus of the year. The event on Oct. 4 created a space where people could share their thoughts on an issue pertinent to […]

Community members reflect on the recognition of Canada’s residential school survivors “Every child matters, not just white, privileged children, not just children that are from good homes. Every child matters and that includes Indigenous children,” said Patty Musgrave, Mount Allison’s Indigenous affairs coordinator. This past Thursday, students, faculty and staff across campus wore orange T-shirts […]

Students, faculty, community members and local businesses came together to celebrate the new office and to learn about the opportunities available this year “Opportunity starts here and it starts today,” said Krista Steeves, the director of experiential learning, at the gala on Wednesday evening. The office of experiential learning and career development launched their new […]

Participants and organizers comment on the diversity of orientation events In a social climate where extroverted personalities thrive, how do introverts deal with the overwhelming social demands of Orientation Week? For many first-year students, Orientation Week can be stressful, especially for those with introverted personalities. A week that is supposed to help new students make […]