In the 1972 foreword to W.A. Spray’s The Blacks of New Brunswick, Joseph Drummond declared: “What this society has done is to tell black people ‘you are nothing’ … while at the same time trying to hide its own attitudes toward Blacks, which have remained unchanged until today.” Some would argue that his words still […]

This Halloween, some students decided to dress offensively. There are two categories of relevance here: ignorance and willful ignorance. I could have written about the history of blackface and the value of African lives, but this is just one incident among many of unrelenting willful ignorance on this campus. Explaining the history of blackface and […]

Guests at Oxfam Mount Allison’s hunger banquet were in for an unconventional meal. Approximately thirty students ate according to randomly assigned socioeconomic classes, meant to reflect world inequality, at the Legion March 27. Julia Duncan, an Oxfam member and one of the evening’s hosts, told guests at the outset that the event was not meant […]

“After Chris Metallic disappeared, his cousin Maddie Metallic [and I] started [the Aboriginal Support Group] in recognition that there are virtually no aboriginal support services or systems on campus,”  Rebecca Watts said. The Aboriginal Support Group had been in existence for around a year but was only officially launched last month, with an inaugural potluck. […]

Bigelow House is slated to become one of the most comfortable residences on campus. After extensive renovations, the residence will be open for students again this fall. Michelle Strain, director of administrative services at Mount Allison University, said that the renovations were a result of continuous feedback from students who said they wanted more single […]

Mount Allison University’s student-led Multicultural Organization and Social Arena for International Cooperation (MOSAIC) hosted their fourth annual banquet at Jennings Dining Hall last Saturday. The 200 attendees enjoyed student performances and a menu showcasing foods from around the world. MOSAIC is run by an eight-person executive including international and Canadian students. According to the group’s […]

At a recent public meeting at the Sackville Town Hall Sergeant James Graves informed the community that the RCMP is cracking down on Sackville graffiti. Many local residents who attended the public discussion also expressed frustration at a perceived increase in graffiti. Local officers presented a review of their activity over the past year and […]

The Radio Canada International (RCI) towers are coming down this week, and while many Sackville residents will be sad to see them go, activists outside the community have been raising concern about the termination of shortwave broadcasting. RCI is the international broadcasting service of CBC/Radio Canada, and the Sackville towers were its only relay station. […]

A group of Mount Allison University student volunteers held the university’s second annual TEDx event last weekend. The event was themed ‘Thinking Outside the Box’, and featured five speakers from within the Mt. A community as well as from surrounding areas, including Moncton and Halifax. Among the speakers was Mt. A alumnus and entrepreneur Rivers […]

Last Monday during a town council meeting, five votes of support finalized a one-year information technology agreement with Mount Allison University worth $66,000. Through this contract, the Town of Sackville will receive consultation services from the Mt. A IT department. This agreement was reached following a series of private discussions. Local businesses such as Downtown […]