At COP 23, I closely followed the Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI) informal consultations on gender and climate change. The agenda for the SBI are to establish the “key building blocks” of the United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change (UNFCCC), Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement. It addresses the subjects of transparency, mitigation, adaptation, […]

“White fragility can kiss my ass. Your white tears aren’t sacred, this land is.” These words were hashtagged and appended to an online post by Masuma Khan, a Dalhousie student who is now facing disciplinary action by the university for breaching the student code of conduct. Khan, who is a brown Muslim woman, is under […]

Content warning: sexual assault, rape and violence against women, femmes and non-binary people. In light of the grotesque sexual assault and abuse stories from numerous women in Hollywood, Harvey Weinstein is a symbol of the fundamental all-powerful white male assailant. Co-founder of Miramax Films and the Weinstein Company, Weinstein stands among the elite men’s club […]

I had the pleasure of attending a talk in Halifax by Amy Goodman, a journalist and reporter for Democracy Now, last Saturday, Sept. 29. Goodman is a woman who I deeply admire and respect for reporting on issues that have been systemically overlooked. In her lecture, she discussed the importance of independent media, fair journalism, […]

I am writing in response to the Argosy’s former article on student employment in Sackville, particularly at Coy Wolf Bistro and Black Duck Café. I have been “working” for Coy Wolf for over half a year – and the philosophy behind the meaning of “work” is an understatement. Sarah Evans and Alan Barbour, the owners […]

After the 2015 federal election, the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations commissioned a study to analyze youth engagement in Canadian politics. The study found that voter turnout of 18- to 24-year-olds had increased and that the Liberal Party of Canada overwhelmingly won more youth votes than any other party. In light of this, it came […]