What up, pleasure seekers. It’s Trill again. I may or may not have forgotten to write you guys tips until the last possible minute but, like, don’t worry about it. I was talking to one of my many fans on the phone earlier today and she wanted to know how to make a good Tinder […]

Welcome back, fuckers. Trill is back in the Sack, but you probably already knew that. My presence rarely goes unnoticed. This semester, I’ve decided to once again grace you all with some exceptional advice. Today, I will give you tips on carrying through on your New Year’s resolution. Buckle up baby because WE BACK. Tip […]

Hello peasants. It is I, King Trill. Sorry for not blessing you with my impeccable tips last week. It was a rough weekend, just like this one was! Anyhow, I’ve got some good ones (I think) for you this week, so let’s get it. A question the modern university student often asks themself is how […]

Welcome back from reading week, nerds. It’s ya boy Trill, back in the Sack and ready to fuck shit up. Now, as you might have guessed, my reading week was rad: hearts were broken, babes were smokin’ and ol’ Trill was back in his home in Dirty Dartmouth, at the heart of it all. As […]

Holy shit did I ever have a fucked Halloweekend. I woke up today realizing that, yet again, I had not written some excessively helpful tips for you all, my adoring fans. I suppose it’s somewhat fitting that this week’s set of tips is about extending deadlines. My good friend and buddy Cammy asked me about […]

Welcome back to hell, friends. It’s ya boy, Trill, comin’ atcha from my biopsych class, where I’ve decided not to take notes, and instead jot some tips down for my loving admirers. A lot of people have asked me for tips on the same topic. This topic is… (drum roll please) DATING! How do you […]

Wuz poppin gang, it’s ya boy Trill, back at it again with tha fresh tips. Sorry about no Trill’s Tips last week – I spent most of last week drunk, hungover and bursting at the seams with turkey, so all I was able to write was illegible scrawlings. Anyway, I’m back and this week I’m […]

Well readers, here we are again. Me, hungover and rushing to meet a deadline, and you, judging me for my poor lifestyle choices. In this installment of Trill’s Tips, I’m going to be answering a question posed to me by a good friend: How do I look cool walking to class here at Mount Allison […]

What up? Trill Waves comin’ back at ya with some fresh new tips. In this installment, I’m gonna tell you how to survive your first round of midterms. Before we begin, a side note: I woke up this morning (Sunday the 24th) severely hungover after the insanity that was homecoming. When I came to, I […]

What up. Trill Waves here, welcoming you back to the Sack. If you’re new here, you’ve probably noticed that this is not the same as living at home. To help you out, I’ve made some super helpful tips that could end up improving your life: TIP 1: Drink lots of fluids. Contrary to popular belief, […]