Garnet and Gold’s upcoming production is sure to be a spoonful of sugar When you walk into Convocation Hall next weekend, you will be greeted by the rooftops of London, a household in chaos and a windy park, perfect for flying kites. Together, these locations set the scene for the story of the Banks family: […]

Can Mickey Mouse compete with other streaming services? Streaming services have become a booming business over the last few years. Netflix started the so-called “streaming wars,” and with their unmitigated success with original content like The Crown, Orange is the New Black and Stranger Things, it’s no wonder that other companies have tried to get […]

How Tintamarre breaks barriers with hilarity and diversity Right in the heart of the Mount Allison campus, a group of wildly diverse characters have been conversing over coffee in the cluttered-yet-cozy Café du Quai since September. Don’t be shocked if you haven’t heard of it, though – the café’s lush orange walls and mysterious paintings […]

Indigenous artist Jeremy Dutcher reignites his ancestral language through international tour On Nov. 30, the Mount Allison University Performing Arts Series presented its second concert of the season, and the performances just keep getting better and better. This neo-operatic performance brought the Indigenous artist Jeremy Dutcher, recipient of the 2018 Polaris Prize, to the Brunton […]

A more mature, high-stakes story blended with amazing music makes for a near-perfect film Picture it, if you will: a particular girl has just turned 14 and has spent the entire year obsessing over a little movie called Frozen. It’s what she lives and breathes for a good few months after she finally sees the […]

Motyer-Fancy puts on religious folk-rock musical Mother-Fancy’s latest production, Godspell, is a far cry from Kumbaya or Jesus Loves Me. Director Paul Del Motte’s relevant and topical interpretation connects some of the best-known teachings of the Bible with timeless problems. Although light-hearted and noticeably silly, the production addressed some more serious topics that people often […]