The sky tonight, I’m surprised to find, is grey instead of black; dull enough to make me doubt the stars are coming back. But turning now, to your eyes, cornflower blue and all, reminds me how much time it took to get from spring to fall. That golden season wand’ring streets at midnight hours passed, […]

Earth, bruised by Amy Ward   Mother, I cannot hear you Mother do you speak, in whispers or cries? I am short-sighted by my own survival You drip, I drip I bleed, you ache I write in the shadows Organic, mystic, open to light? The paper birds fly, it makes me cry The net shifts, […]

untitled I’m in a vase A cold blue vase My vase has varying purposes It can used to contain humanlike emotions The virtues and sins all bouncing off each other However, there is a balance in the chaos. Peace leads to chaos which inevitably leads to balance. Over joyous leads to depression Self-harm leads to […]

Latency Repeat. Repeat. Formed. Repeat. lost in rhythm and vibration, the mind releases for new meaning found within Repeat. Repeat. Formed. Repeat. Mother, tongue. My first approximation first of the knowing. Interactive noise, we share agency. ET takes me home although classically high fives and sharp thirds; point into the night see the birds fly […]