Challenging normalized sexual violence Last semester, the Mount Allison Student Union (MASU) passed a motion acknowledging rape culture on campus and made a commitment to fighting it. Rape culture refers to a setting in which sexual violence is made to seem normal through media images and common messages, and where survivors are blamed for experiencing […]

Locally found mushroom aids in the treatment of cognitive and neurodegenerative diseases Lion’s mane mushrooms, named for their shaggy appearance resembling a lion’s mane, have been used globally for their medicinal purposes. Lion’s mane is a mushroom native to North America, Europe and Asia, which can be found in the Maritime provinces of Canada. The […]

Developing a meditation practice can have many health benefits Meditation is a practice that has been prevalent in different cultures for thousands of years. As early the 12th century, meditation was used in a religious context. In the modern day, it is commonly used to help with emotional regulation or stress management. Meditation is a […]

How to actively make parties fun and safe for everyone As the school year begins to wrap up, more parties will be happening both on and off campus, with this celebratory spirit continuing through the summer. These parties often have themes, large guest lists and drinking. In order to ensure that everyone has a good […]

The Mount Allison women’s curling team stand in sixth place at the U SPORTS National Championships The Mount Allison women’s curling team participated at the U Sports-Curling Canada championships from March 15 to 19 in Fredericton, N.B. They competed against seven other teams and stand in sixth place out of a seven-game championship. Jim Nix […]

Mangold and supervisor Tomes stress the importance of awareness of symptoms, recovery, and long-term consequences Kiersten Mangold, a fourth-year psychology student, teamed up with psychology professor Dr. Jennifer Tomes to host a talk on concussions and issues surrounding head injuries. Mangold is currently working on her honours thesis on sports-induced injuries in athletes and subsequent […]

Psychologists discuss the impact of daylight saving time on the body’s psychological and biological processes Last Saturday, Mount Allison students lost an hour of sleep and shifted their sleeping schedules as the clocks moved back an hour. Dr. Genevieve Desmarais, a psychology professor at Mt. A who teaches courses on behavioural neuroscience, explained how daylight […]