The band Wild Turkey, made up of Mt. A alumni, reunites after 25 years. Spin that time machine back 25 years to Ducky’s, January 1994. Outside, snow-walled sidewalks and crunchy streets printed with tire tracks. Inside, it’s jam-packed, hot, humid and hazy with cigarette smoke. “Rock and roll,” says Nick Oldland, band leader and lead […]

Garnet & Gold’s latest production brings smiles and laughter to Convocation Hall. “Charming; funny; engaging,” said Karen Valanne, the director of Hello, Dolly!, when asked to describe the production in three words. “There’s an innocence to it in a way. Wholesome. It’s about love.” It’s a show that cannot be described in only three words. […]

‘You’ sparks interesting discussions on privacy and dating culture. Netflix has become the hub for go-to binge-worthy TV shows. While they don’t hit the mark with every series, the platform brought fame to shows like Orange is the New Black, Riverdale, and Stranger Things. Recently a new psychological thriller has joined the ranks. You, originally […]

Eternity, as it turns out, is overwhelming. Vincent van Gogh’s life was incredibly difficult. He was impoverished. Many of those who knew him feared him. He lived a transient existence, wandering the countryside of southern France, often hungry, painting what he found beautiful. He died of a gunshot wound, penniless and alone. But he also […]

Thunder and Lightning brings an East Coast artists’ festival to warm up your spirits Down the quiet sidewalks of Bridge Street in the frigid nights of January, the warmth of Sackville’s intimate and cozy Thunder and Lightning Ltd. spills out into the world. This week, the welcoming, dimly lit bar was the venue for Cold […]

Unpacking the role of the literary canon in English studies Bookworms everywhere will agree that literature shapes us into the people that we are, from picture books to the novels that fill our shelves today. While everyone’s taste in books may differ, it is likely that our libraries are more similar than we realize. In […]

A resounding celebration of not just people, but life. The first interview is harrowing. He’s just a typical looking guy, telling us how he understands love. Slowly, as his story progresses, the various complexities and paradoxes of his life emerge. The person who loves him the most is the person who he’s hurt the worst. […]

The environmental activism we most commonly see and interact with is focused on reducing human impacts on the environment. Whether it be decreasing plastic use, greenhouse gas emissions or release of harmful chemicals, such preventative efforts fall under the umbrella of mitigation, which, in the case of climate change, is essential for ensuring a habitable […]

Adelle Elwood shares a weekly full-album experience with listeners at Mount Allison Each Wednesday evening in the Marjorie Young Bell Conservatory of Music, friends gather in room 100. On those nights, what is a classroom by day turns into a comfortable venue for the Eclectic Listening Club. Together, participants sit and listen to an album […]