Tenure-track hires will be part of the University’s creation of a new Indigenous studies minor Mount Allison University is currently in the process of hiring two faculty members for tenure-track positions in a new Indigenous studies program. Seven candidates gave teaching and research presentations from April 16 to 24 in the Mawita’mkw, a designated place […]

Extra time at university can be a period of growth and self discovery As someone who graduated high school in 2012, it feels like I’ve been in university forever. It’s not pleasant to watch old classmates delve into real life things – nursing jobs, pharmacy school, starting their own engineering businesses, getting accepted into Harvard […]

An open letter to the community And we’re back! Everything is starting up again, and your student newspaper is no exception. A few points of business to start things off: We are doing video! Like your happy grandfather, determined to stay relevant, we are belatedly and enthusiastically expanding our digital reach. Keep an eye out […]