Entry-level positions Sackville We know it can be hard to find a job right out of university, especially with all you new grads entering the workforce. Luckily, the Town of Sackville understands this, and is advertising jobs tailored specifically to recent grads to help them get their foot in the door and build a resume […]

Well, it looks like you fuckin’ made it. You’re graduating, or maybe you’re just here for the liquor drinks and the good times. Either way, it’s friggin’ party time. If you are graduating, I’m going to give some tips on both how to physically graduate (accept degree, etc.) and also how to survive after Mt. […]

As we wind down here at the Argosy, we wanted to give a big thank you to all our supporters for choosing to get news from us this year. One avid fan and satisfied consumer of the Argosy was so enthusiastic, in fact, that we reached out to him to share his thoughts. Local celebrity […]

Introducing Mt. A’s new nautical degree Mount Allison University is proud to announce that the money that it had previously invested in fossil fuel companies has been divested and reinvested into its newest venture: a big-ass boat. That’s right, we’ve decided that Mt. A’s aviation program, the pride and joy of this school, needs a […]

Aries (March 21 to April 19): When they’re not in class or eating, they are in the library. Probably physically fit from constantly making the trek from class to lib to home to lib to class to lib… Taurus (April 20 to May 20): Loves leading group projects, like, a little too much. Mostly spotted […]

The Olympics are an exciting time: All the adrenaline, the uncharacteristically brutal Canadian competitiveness and the one time every four years that lets us appreciate our winters. Much like all institutions and cultural phenomena, the Olympics are constantly changing, with new sports being added to the games all the time. Lucky for you, we at […]

Here at horoscope HQ, we’ve developed a perfect, ENTIRELY ORIGINAL catchphrase for you based on your zodiac sign. Trust us, you should start saying these immediately; you can’t argue with the stars! Aquarius: January 20-February 18 You are independent and fight for what you believe in. You are a true helper and a thoughtful person, […]