Welcome back from reading week, nerds. It’s ya boy Trill, back in the Sack and ready to fuck shit up. Now, as you might have guessed, my reading week was rad: hearts were broken, babes were smokin’ and ol’ Trill was back in his home in Dirty Dartmouth, at the heart of it all. As […]

Holy shit did I ever have a fucked Halloweekend. I woke up today realizing that, yet again, I had not written some excessively helpful tips for you all, my adoring fans. I suppose it’s somewhat fitting that this week’s set of tips is about extending deadlines. My good friend and buddy Cammy asked me about […]

Running in the nineteenth Firefox tab of a computer near you Welcome back, dear readers, to your weekly glimpse of the real (i.e. not fake AF) news. If you have a brain and any quality resembling wokedness, you may have noticed some strange occurrences in our world today. From computer science “professors” using Internet Explorer […]

Welcome back to hell, friends. It’s ya boy, Trill, comin’ atcha from my biopsych class, where I’ve decided not to take notes, and instead jot some tips down for my loving admirers. A lot of people have asked me for tips on the same topic. This topic is… (drum roll please) DATING! How do you […]

Wuz poppin gang, it’s ya boy Trill, back at it again with tha fresh tips. Sorry about no Trill’s Tips last week – I spent most of last week drunk, hungover and bursting at the seams with turkey, so all I was able to write was illegible scrawlings. Anyway, I’m back and this week I’m […]

The world’s longest and most confusing tornado preparedness PSA Time for another exposé to show you conformist masses how terrible your movie opinions really are. This week I’m talking about the “seminal” and “revolutionary” hunk of burning trash that is The Wizard of Oz. Strike 1: The lack of continuity was APPALLING. Was I the […]

BREAKING NEWS Hello once again, sheeple. This week’s message will be short and sweet, as we write it in Morse code under a faulty lighting fixture from an undisclosed panic bunker. It appears that our alien guests haven’t left Sackville yet, so no truth bombs will be dropped this week. We do have knowledge of […]

Less disappointing than we thought Welcome, dear readers. As you’re probably aware, the Thanksgiving holiday is fast approaching. For some, that means going home to their family or friends and eating so much turkey that it results in a coma. For others, it means staying here and partaking in what Jennings has to offer (chicken […]