Dr. Lori Dithurbide discusses her research on trust in group sport psychology On March 22, Dr. Lori Dithurbide, a sports psychologist and professor of kinesiology at Dalhousie, gave a seminar on trust between teammates and how that trust impacts performance. This talk was organized by the psychology department. “My primary research area is the social […]

Jean-Paul Boudreau discusses how action and cognition interplay in developmental psych On March 8, President Jean-Paul Boudreau gave a seminar on the insights he and his fellow researchers have gained from observing infants’ object exploration in the field of developmental psychology. The talk was a part of the Honours Psychology Research Seminars. To begin the […]

Guest speaker speaks to the historic and present inequality of public washrooms On March 8, author Lezlie Lowe gave a presentation on her book No Place To Go: How Public Toilets Fail Our Private Needs. Lowe, a journalism professor at King’s College in Halifax, was the guest speaker at Mt. A’s annual international women’s day […]

Two tight knit teams overcome beginner status and win both spots in final Four Mount Allison students attended and won the Up for Debate Maple League competition at Bishop’s University on Feb. 9. The team was comprised of first-year student Helen Yao, third-years Aminah Simmons and Arianna Woodley, and fourth-year Sertara Wilkinson. Yao is a […]