Her job title speaks for itself. If you ever have reason to venture behind the doors of Centennial Hall, you will find an often-unseen group of hardworking staff who really make the University run. One of these individuals is Barb MacIntosh, the university controller. Given her title, you might think that she holds an important […]

Following a two-week campaign, the MASU election results came out on Feb. 1 as follows: Emelyana Titarenko as president, Samuel Unger as VP of academic affairs, Élise Vaillancourt as VP external, and Venna Penney as VP of student life. The new executives will take office on May 1, 2019. Voter turnout ranged between 33.9 per […]

Luke Anderson discusses the topic of accessibility and what we can do to better our communities “In order to make our communities even better places, we need everybody around the table,” said Luke Anderson, executive director of the StopGap Foundation. “We need people from all different lived experiences in on the discussion of how to […]

Administration, faculty and students discuss what the Maple League is and why Mount Allison is a part of it “It’s really about bringing the uniqueness of our four institutions together to create an opportunity to support innovation in liberal education, experiential learning opportunities for our students, shared opportunities around teaching,” said President Jean-Paul Boudreau, “and […]

Elections were last week – but what is MASU? In light of the newly elected Mount Allison Student Union (MASU) executive, the Argosy thought we would publish a short primer on the structure of the student organization they’ve been elected to. The MASU constitution (accessible to all on their website) states the organization’s objectives as […]

Eternity, as it turns out, is overwhelming. Vincent van Gogh’s life was incredibly difficult. He was impoverished. Many of those who knew him feared him. He lived a transient existence, wandering the countryside of southern France, often hungry, painting what he found beautiful. He died of a gunshot wound, penniless and alone. But he also […]