At a student-only forum, many concerns about Mount Allison’s current policy were raised Mount Allison’s Policy on Sexual Violence Prevention and Response is to be reviewed this coming May. The policy is in place to protect Mt. A students by preventing sexual violence, highlighting the different roles of University members, and putting in place a […]

Last Sunday was the final regular vespers service in the chapel for this academic year. I preached on the gospel text of a poor widow who makes an offering at the temple (found in Luke 21). Jesus comments on her generosity, and frequently this text is used as the basis of an appeal for generous […]

Connections within the body create messy yet rewarding scientific work We tend to hear a lot about the value of connection at a small school like Mt. A. In a close-knit community like Sackville, connections are fostered at every turn, between students, professors, community members, disciplines – the list goes on. But while we’re constantly […]

The physics professor’s appointment is representative of a larger problem in scientific disciplines As of July 1, 2019, Dr. Catherine Lovekin will be Mount Allison University’s first female professor to be tenured in the physics department. This appointment is frustratingly late, since Mount Allison awarded the first bachelor of science degree to a woman in […]

Low turnout numbers not indicative of a break in Mount Allison tradition It is a rare day that Mount Allison closes due to weather, but it has happened a couple of times this winter. On both occasions, it was due to loss of power rather than simply volume of snow. I took advantage of the […]