This week, I was lucky enough to attend the Atlantic regional symposium held by Postsecondary Education Partnership—Alcohol Harms at Dalhousie with Venna Penney, the MASU vice-president of student life. At this conference, student leaders from Mount Allison, Saint Mary’s, Dalhousie, Saint Thomas and Acadia discussed strategies to encourage and utilize various harms-reduction strategies on […]

With October coming to an end and the clouds turning grey, it was time for another trip for the international students. Instead of exploring the likes of Prince Edward Island and Hopewell Rocks, my fellow internationals voyaged to Nova Scotia and into the great city of Halifax. The blistering cold and the winds flooded onto […]

Each person has a different idea of what’s recyclable. People come from different places and different places have different rules about what can and can’t be recycled. For example, in Sackville (part of Westmorland and Albert counties of New Brunswick) waste is sorted differently than in Nova Scotia. In Nova Scotia, glass can be recycled […]

After a long week of midterms, essays, extracurricular activities or whatever it is that fills our time and energy as students and as people, it’s nice to unwind. Sometimes we unwind by heading off to an off-campus party with friends, or having some beers and a few pounds of wings, or maybe by going to […]

As you may know, some foods are better for your brain than others. For example, tater tot casserole from Jennings is the epitome of “brain food.” Just kidding. Here are some actual foods that you might want to toss into your diet when possible to help the old noodle ace your midterms. Blueberries: Who doesn’t […]

A few weeks have gone by at Mount Allison and, with fall ending, I want to share my observations of the Sackvillians. Most of the time I see students rushing past me to get to class, all dreary-eyed with darkened pockets under their eyes. Hydro Flasks are all sitting on classroom and library tables. Pens […]

I’ve been having sex for a few years. My friends, have been having sex for a few years. Over these collective years, I’ve heard countless tales of the thin walls of student housing; the regretful texts to exes leading to sometimes disappointing, sometimes electric reunions; the musicality of bodies and a generous helping of lube; […]

There’s a certain glory behind late-night cram study sessions. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone talk about studying until 2 a.m. without a hint of pride. Talking about how draining studying can be is a way of connecting with friends, but we also say it because it’s what’s expected of a student. We associate […]

This week I was lucky enough to sit down with family physician Dr. Jacqueline McDougall to discuss some health trends and concerns in the university student demographic. Here’s what she had to say. Q: What are the most common health concerns you see in young adults and university students? A: The most common thing I […]