Why we chose to fundraise for the Mik’maq flag The Mount Allison Indigenous Student Support Group (ISSG) is having their first official powwow on March 22. The Mik’maq flag will be coming up permanently on campus, as well. The power that comes with it is ensuring that, when people are on our campus, they are […]

On March 9, the Argosy published a video titled Accessibility at Mount A with Hannah. The video’s host, Hannah Mackellar, criticized the University’s lack of support for certain disadvantaged groups, stating, “Not only is Mount Allison kind of shit for people with physical disabilities … but they’re pretty shit for people with mental illness and […]

The first time is always the most awkward. You don’t know where to put it, and don’t even know if this is the right time. But this is something important that you want to remember when you’re older. These are common dilemmas when someone considers introducing the first foreign stroke of ink to an otherwise […]

Archbishop Oscar Romero will soon be declared a saint in the Roman Catholic Church. Long recognized as a candidate worthy of sainthood by popular acclaim, the Vatican has made moves to officially canonize Romero, that is, to formally recognize him as a saint. Pope Francis, a Latin American and a champion of the poor, has […]

This piece is a response to the article How History Can Save the World, published Feb. 15. We take umbrage with its somewhat naive view of history as a discipline and its use in transformative and emancipatory processes. While we agree that history is valuable and holds the potential to help people understand and solve […]