A new trend occurring in domestic abuse cases, with smart home technology at the centre Smart home technology is designed to increase comfort, security and control for those who use it, but this is not always the case. Smart home technology allows users to control features of their home remotely through an app connected to […]

Globalization was the buzzword of the Clinton era, the 1990s. The world was changing, and we were becoming more and more aware of ways in which the world was being understood differently. As New York Times writer Thomas Friedman captured in his book titles The World is Flat and Hot, Flat, and Crowded we began […]

When one door closes, a laptop opens In recent years, there has been much strife between the administration and students over changes to the University’s spending. The most recent incarnation of this tension is the conversation about cancelling correspondence courses. It goes without saying that this move royally screws over a loud minority of students […]

We have made it to the end! The academic year is over, the final issue of volume 147 of the Argosy is complete, and volume 148 is well underway. I want to use this special issue to thank those students who shared their voices by contributing articles to our opinion section. I want to bring […]

Recent social justice advocacy at Mount Allison has focused heavily on “allyship” in activism. In the Argosy last month, Tina Oh delivered an astute critique of the Mt. A Feminist Leadership Conference’s approach to this topic. She examined the role of allyship in challenging oppressive norms and argued that discussions of allyship are missing the […]

I decided to go sober a few weeks after I turned 19. Seems like a weird idea, right? Isn’t this supposed to be a time in my life when I let loose – throw back shots with my friends, dance erratically at Ducky’s, let go of my worries for a little while? This was a […]