The challenges of using personal technologies as tools Tools serve three kinds of purposes: physical (a hammer), social (correspondence, laws) or psychological (alcohol, a book). I am, of course, using the term “tool” rather broadly, to refer to any of the things we have developed to serve certain purposes. Looking at each of these categories, […]

Take Back the Night rallies emphasize the importance of feeling safe The fear of walking alone at night is something every woman, femme and transgender person, or any individual who was socialized as female, knows all too well; worse still is the fear of being sexually assaulted by someone lurking in the dark. Although statistics […]

Fossil fuel divestment activism at Mt. A promotes campus leadership Welcome to Divest MTA’s new column: a space to learn about fossil fuel divestment, meet some people involved in the movement, and keep up to date with our actions. This week I will explain what Divest MTA is, why it is important to me and […]

As an observer and analyst of the intersection between religion and culture, I am academically fascinated and personally horrified by the recent dynamics of religion in Western culture. The church has been in decline in the past 25 years, and many observers have predicted its eventual demise. Now, in 2018, I think that it can […]

Stoners rejoice! Yes, recreational cannabis legalization finally came into effect on Oct. 17, marking a great day for Canada and, therefore, the world. While many naysayers speculated that society would collapse in a half-baked haze, it seems as though all crises have been averted in the wake of legal weed being ushered in across the […]

The power of sharing your story – and listening to those who share theirs With the media frenzy swirling around Kavanaugh and the joke of an investigation performed by the FBI, it is easy to get caught up in this never-ending soap opera. Instead of adding fire to the shitstorm, we want to highlight the […]