Learning how to empathize with others is a key aspect of studying history The world is in trouble. Corporations strip-mine the environment, gather record profits, and then underpay their workers. Powerful demagogues use dog-whistle rhetoric to divide us along political, racial, and religious lines. Most pervasively, amidst all this violence, uncertainty, and hatred, we feel […]

Imposing an excise tax on refined sugars could be the solution to Canada’s growing health problems Whether we acknowledge it or not, Canada has a weight problem. Obesity and diabetes (particularly among youth) are on the rise, as are the associated health costs. Perhaps it is time to shift our perception of this issue from […]

The value of platonic relationships is often overlooked in the pursuit of romantic love Valentine’s Day is one of my least favourite holidays. Love is great and all, but commercial consumerism has turned it into a day necessitating perfect gifts and elaborate dates. Do you remember handing out valentines to all your friends in elementary […]

For students who participated in last week’s Divest MTA action, it has never been more clear that fossil fuel divestment is necessary, and inevitable Have you noticed that the prime minister is on a seemingly endless tour of town halls? We’re told that PMJT wants to hear from the people so that he can best […]

Now bear with me for a second here. I know that I just dug up a year-old corpse most would like to stay well buried under the ground. However, I ask you to tolerate the stench for about five hundred words, so I can show you, via an autopsy of the decayed mass, that it […]