Non-hormonal birth control method passed animal trials, human trials planned for approval A new type of male contraceptive shows promise in providing an effective, long-lasting, and easily reversible means of birth control for men. This method may be safer and more practical than traditional male contraceptives, which are mostly limited to vasectomies or condoms. Men […]

Mobile app for learning software brought to campus by students “There’s an app for that” is now true for one of the two software programs central to education at Mount Allison. Moodle Mobile, a free mobile app developed for the open-source learning software Moodle, has launched on campus as part of a student-led class initiative. […]

Professor and student panellists discuss digital technology and social impacts The development of computer technology and the digitalization of society in the past few decades have been extremely influential on modern ethical issues related to privacy, data protection, energy technology and the increasing disparity of access to technology. These topics were the focus of a […]

Lisa Dawn Hamilton explains social norms behind sex and provides tips to improve pleasure Finding what works in sex and relationships can be challenging and intimidating. As a part of Mount Allison’s Sex Week, professor of psychology Lisa Dawn Hamilton delivered a talk titled “Navigating Sex and Dating” last Thursday, March 10. Hamilton has worked […]

Former provincial chief medical officer focus of Centre for International Studies event Global health crises are intersections between medical science, inter-national aid, geopolitics and public reactions. One such event was the focus of a recent guest lecture coordinated by the Centre for International Studies (CIS). On Feb. 16, Dr. Eilish Cleary spoke about her involvement […]

Labs give first- and second-year students weekly opportunity While some students spend their Saturday mornings taking well-deserved breaks to recover from the week, others use this downtime to do volunteer research. Stephen Westcott, a professor in the department of chemistry and biochemistry, offers first- and second-year science students the opportunity to do hands-on research by […]