Badminton and swimming athletes compete at respective national championships As the semester nears its end, so does the Mounties Athletics season. Over the last couple of weeks, Mount Allison’s varsity badminton and swim teams concluded their seasons, sending athletes to represent the University at their respective national championships. Two members of the Mt. A badminton […]

Without proper care and attention, concussions can leave lasting effects Concussions can cause damage to the brain that, in some cases, can last for decades after the original occurrence of trauma to the head. They consist of temporary losses of brain function that can have physical, emotional and cognitive effects. Symptoms can vary based on […]

Athletic therapist Jocelyn Dowling explains seven benefits Whether it be from Mom, Dad or Coach, we have always been told that stretching is important – but we are never really told why. Jocelyn Dowling, Mount Allison’s head athletic therapist, has the answers to why it can be so beneficial. “Stretching encompasses a lot of pros, […]

Mounties to host nationals on home court March 15–17 The Mounties took home the banner with a thrilling overtime victory, 77-71 in the finals over the Mount Saint Vincent Mystics. The women’s varsity basketball team went into the ACAA championships confidently despite being the underdogs against the powerful Mystics roster, who finished the regular season […]

Assessment will collect data on student health and well-being, beginning March 19 As a university that prides itself on being student-centered, Mount Allison seeks to adapt and tailor the support and services it offers to best fit student needs. In order to determine these needs and address student concerns, there must be an open dialogue […]

SHARE answers your questions about consent Last week we started a conversation about consent, defining it as permission for something to happen or an agreement to do something. This week, we continue the conversation and answer three questions: Isn’t continuous consent awkward? How does consent apply in the cyber world? And finally, what about consent […]

Mountie’s co-captain is a fourth-year forward Over the course of the past four years, the basketball culture at Mount Allison has changed drastically from being a middle-of-the-pack conference team to a contender. As a co-captain and a senior, Kellan Duke has been part of the journey from where the Mounties were to where they are […]

Finding a place for sugar in a healthy and balanced diet Numerous studies have shown an association between sugar consumption and increased cardiovascular disease, obesity and cancer. These findings have sparked a reduction in or elimination of sugar intake in some individuals’ diets. However, not all sugar needs to be avoided. Sugar is a crystalline […]

Team headed to nationals despite limited funds The Mount Allison women’s curling team is not a team that gets much attention on campus. In fact, many students have not heard of them at all as they do not participate in a league, and instead play casually on their own here in Sackville. Before reading week, […]