This week, along with hundreds of students I will be graduating in the class of 2018. I will not, however, be walking on stage during Convocation. Instead, after careful deliberation, I have decided to protest my convocation. This is why. In my first semester of university, athletes on the Mount Allison football team dressed up […]

In 2000, two children – a six-year-old and a nine-year-old – arrived with their aunt as refugees in Halifax from war-torn Somalia. Without having received adequate assistance to help them adjust to the predominantly English-speaking society, the two children were taken from their aunt by the government and put in foster care. Separated from his […]

In October 2017, the Centre for International Studies organized Mount Allison’s first allyship and anti-oppression workshop. It was a free event that was open to the wider community and was led by a genderqueer person of colour assisted by a queer white woman. As organizers, our vision for the event was to set a precedent […]

February is Black History Month, which is why I will be devoting the next few articles to talking about anti-black racism. Along with colonialism and imperialism, anti-blackness is the crux of white supremacy. While many may think that anti-black racism is a specific oppression placed upon Black people, the concept of anti-blackness deserves much broader […]

­My father was arrested in the 1980s protest against the authoritarian government in South Korea. He spent eight months in solitary confinement because he was deemed a political prisoner with high risk of disseminating anti-government ideology. The protests in the 80s were a response to state-sanctioned violence including rapid expansion of martial law and “re-education” […]