Wellness Centre offering flu vaccinations on campus Many people who don’t get their flu shot don’t realize how they are putting others, as well as themselves, at risk. Some people might be scared of needles, while others do not see the importance of the flu shot. Others may want to understand what they are putting […]

Self-examinations could save your life! The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) dedicates the month of October to breast cancer awareness. Many initiatives are done throughout the month to raise funds for breast cancer research and support for individuals affected by the disease. Donations made to the National Breast Cancer Foundation during the month of October will […]

Mount Allison University preparing for the legalization of Cannabis In light of the legalization of cannabis on Oct. 17, the Wellness Centre held an informative session called Get Up to Speed on Weed. The session was held on Sept. 24, with the goal of educating students, staff and members of the community. The session discussed […]

Relay for Life is a global movement to end cancer. Every year, students, families and friends come together to raise funds for cancer research, to celebrate cancer survivors and to remember those we’ve lost to the disease. Jason Thorpe, the Maritime Relay for Life youth coordinator of the Canadian Cancer Society, said “At the Canadian […]

Health Matters Society will provide free water bottles at Homecoming My name is Emilie Comfort and I’m the Mount Allison health intern this year. I am a fourth-year student completing a bachelor of science with a major in psychology and a minor in chemistry.  In my position, I work closely with the Wellness Centre’s registered […]

Without proper care and attention, concussions can leave lasting effects Concussions can cause damage to the brain that, in some cases, can last for decades after the original occurrence of trauma to the head. They consist of temporary losses of brain function that can have physical, emotional and cognitive effects. Symptoms can vary based on […]

Finding a place for sugar in a healthy and balanced diet Numerous studies have shown an association between sugar consumption and increased cardiovascular disease, obesity and cancer. These findings have sparked a reduction in or elimination of sugar intake in some individuals’ diets. However, not all sugar needs to be avoided. Sugar is a crystalline […]