HALIFAX (CUP) — A hurtful “media fire” concocted by journalists and activists is forcing the victims of the Dalhousie Dentistry scandal into silence, according to a new press release from the women involved in an ongoing ‘restorative justice’ process. “Many people (some with good intentions) have spoken about us and in the process often attempted […]

Mount Allison Students’ Union wants off-campus students to have more dining choices on campus. Council voted unanimously to support the adoption of pre-paid off-campus meal plans to supplement the existing “7-Day Unlimited” and “Pay as You Go” meal plans. Ryan Lebreton, an off-campus councillor and the future vice-president campus life, will be advocating in meetings […]

As I consider some religious themes this month and put pen to paper to begin writing my weekly reflection, yet another major storm is forecast for the Maritimes. We are halfway through March, and with the promise of spring teasing us, we realize we are still in the grip of winter here. This month generally […]

Fossil fuels are bad. This statement is not contentious in any way, shape or form. It is a widely accepted view that fossil fuels are causing widespread and irreparable environmental damage. There is a little thing called climate change that you may have heard of, that is, if you have not been hiding from the […]

From acclaimed director Ridley Scott (Alien, Gladiator and Prometheus), comes Exodus: Gods and Kings, an adaptation of the biblical “epic” of Moses and the Hebrew exodus. However, for all the spectacular CGI and the enormous workforce required for such a film to be attempted, Scott’s epic is largely a failed one. The film tells the […]

‘The White Snake’ a resounding success in both storytelling and visual design Between the beautiful costumes, minimalist set and skilled storytelling, Crake Drama Fellow Andrea Boyd and several Mount Allison students teamed up to create a fantastic production of The White Snake at the Motyer Fancy Theatre. The play, written by Mary Zimmerman and adapted […]