Welcome back from reading week, nerds. It’s ya boy Trill, back in the Sack and ready to fuck shit up. Now, as you might have guessed, my reading week was rad: hearts were broken, babes were smokin’ and ol’ Trill was back in his home in Dirty Dartmouth, at the heart of it all. As […]

Awareness and fundraising campaign focuses on key issues of men’s mental and physical health “You look disgusting.” I’ve adapted to hearing this phrase on a daily basis during the month of November. I am fully aware that I look ridiculous with a moustache, and that – like 90 per cent of men on campus – […]

Mount Allison cross-country takes home 2017-2018 ACAA championship banners Hard work paid off this year for the Mount Allison cross-country team. They came up on top in the ACAA championships. Cross-country is a sport that hasn’t been well known on campus, but has become more and more popular due to its manageable schedule. The team […]

START Gallery provides a jumping off point for student artists The doorway to Struts Gallery, Faucet Media Arts Centre and START Gallery, under bright yellow mouldings, stands out against the semi-industrial landscape of Lorne Street. Although it may seem out of the ordinary to find a gallery here, this place is just that: extraordinary. START’s […]

Chapter 5: Detention “Sacks.” “Here.” “Morgan.” “Here.” “Lehman.” “Here.” “Flitemeist…Flitemeist… FLITEMEIST!” Ralph’s head jolted up from its desk. “Here!” he blurted out with an impolite amount of volume and exasperation. “Excuse me, Ralph?” Ms. Tallrustle countered with uncharacteristic indignance. “That tone of voice is unacceptable!” “Sorry, miss,” Ralph said, instantly regretting his slip. Embarrassed, he […]

In honour of Halloween, Dr. Robert Lapp reads gothic poetry for store’s exciting event Blind Forest Books held a poetry reading on Oct. 30, the first of many events for the new establishment. Dr. Robert Lapp, a professor from the English department, performed an animated reading of what he considers to be some of the […]

NBC once had the most elegantly macabre show on  TV Hannibal is a brilliant show that was condemned to die; it had a bad time slot on an unlikely, fairly mid-tier network. That’s not a criticism of NBC – the network makes good shows, but it’s just not HBO, AMC or FX. It’s not known […]

Erik Garf on creating a collaborative space for improv in the Motyer-Fancy theatre Erik Garf wants “to do something new with improv.” Through the direction of No Misstakes, an improvised take on university life, the fourth-year drama student is doing just that. I sat down with Garf to learn more about the show and what […]

Weekly concerts provide Mt. A’s music students with helpful and encouraging performance opportunities Every Wednesday at 4 p.m., music lovers gather in Brunton Auditorium to hear students from the bachelor of music program present their hard work onstage. Admission is free and all are welcome for this weekly display of Mount Allison talent. Since the […]