Dr. David Rogosin presents impressive program of pieces in variation form For the majority of the semester, the Mount Allison department of music has been displaying the talent and virtuosity of its faculty members. Many of the professors at the Marjorie Young Bell Conservatory of Music have prepared and performed a recital displaying their talents […]

Mt. A alumna Anna Shepard works internationally with 2B Theatre in Halifax Anna Shepard has come a long way from nativity plays and high school musicals. The Mt. A alumna will travel to New York City this year with Halifax’s 2B Theatre Company to stage Old Stock off-Broadway. I spoke to Shepard on the phone […]

A haunting, deeply terrible, no good, very bad movie that haunts me to this day. Spare yourself. I can confirm that the phrase “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here” is, as Dante said, inscribed above the gates of hell. How do I know? I was there. From 7:00 p.m. until about 8:30. But he […]

Members of the Mount A community gather to discuss how to define liberal arts education This past Thursday, Feb. 2, a group of students, staff and faculty gathered in Dunn to discuss questions surrounding Mount Allison and the concept of “liberal arts.” This was a part of the discussion series Quo Vadimus run by university […]

Provost and Academic Affairs bring strategies to improve the student experience to the council At 4 p.m. on Jan. 30, the first Faculty Council meeting of the winter semester began. Shelly Colette, manager of academic support, spoke about a new student success course that will be offered in the winter semesters for first-year students who […]

Members and the community discuss university affairs from renovations to Indigenization On Friday, Feb. 2, Mount Allison’s Board of Regents held their first meeting open to public attendance. The Board of Regents is responsible for managing university business such as investments and finances, academic and student affairs, and governance. Historically, meetings have been closed to […]

The Provost’s office will release a new proposal in the coming weeks based on recent feedback At the Faculty Council meeting on Jan. 30, University Pro vost Jeff Ollerhead addressed the decanal restructuring proposal that sparked significant community discussion last week. “During the second and third weeks of January, I consulted on some ideas. That […]