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Fall may be here, but don’t call it “sweater weather!” Ditch that cable-knit. Throw away the circle scarf. Your wardrobe needs an update. Fear not! We have put together a guide to fall’s hottest trends. From the runway to the breezeway, explore the looks that will dazzle and inspire!

Mountie Football Gear

This season, football apparel is in! If you toss the ol’ pigskin, you need to make sure everyone knows. Every single day. That means backpacks, sweaters, t-shirts – Mountie Pride never dies! Complete the look with a pair of athletic slides and socks. Don’t worry about this hot trend fading away because those thin, nylon tracksuits are known to keep football players warm all winter long!

Broken Bridge Clothing

The much-hyped streetwear titan returns with an inspired Fall/Winter collection. Considering last season’s high-profile collaborative efforts with the Harness Store, the Food Truck and “that tye-dye guy by the highway,” experts are anticipating Broken Bridge Clothing will light the fashion world on fire once more. Among this season’s offerings are the “box logo” jogger, a much-coveted item adorned with the iconic Broken Bridge logo. Get to the bookstore early, however, as hypebeasts are expected to begin lining up as early as eight hours in advance!

Little Cat’s Bazaar Garments

The undisputed fashion house of Sackville’s “alt” crowd. This curated boutique is chock full of pieces that’ll make you go “Eh…” or “Well, I guess you could call it distressed.” Experimenting with unique textiles, the Bazaar is constantly evolving in its selection of flower-printed garments. Grab a vaguely ideological or passive-aggressive patch/pin to make that new piece extra edgy!

Business Attire

Everyone needs a good suit. As an epicentre of trade and business, Sackville has no shortage of young professionals. Just take a look around Avard Dixon, a Campbell Hall res party or the Wallace McCain Student Centre – you will see successful young men adorned in ill-fitting business wear. Theme party? You need a blazer. Pond event? Suit up. High-profile community members who have been seen sporting this look include the guy who has a presentation in class today and the “hottest” DJ’s east of Montreal. You gotta look like Jordan Belfort to BE Jordan Belfort.

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