Female Mounties aiming to dominate Movember

What has now become a popular university and worldwide trend, Movember is an annual awareness campaign in which guys are encouraged to grow out their lip-fuzz for the entire month of November in order to create conversation and awareness about men’s prostate and testicular cancers, as well as various mental health issues. Movember has been growing steadily from year to year within the Mount Allison community.

This year though, Movember is going to take a surprising turn, as the female Mounties are aiming to dominate the campaign. According to one student on campus, “The female community here at Mount Allison have been waiting for years now to prove that we can grow not only better moustaches than the men here, but also raise more money for the cause.”

The fundraising part, figures to be easy, she says, as most men forget to donate: “Well the guys are usually so focused on getting their ‘stache as greasy as it can get that they don’t even remember to donate, so really it shouldn’t be that hard.”

When asked about how they plan on growing better moustaches than the men on campus, one female student admitted that “women have always been able to grow them out, but we’ve been holding back to make the guys feel better. But now that they’ve had their run we’ve decided that it was time to join in on the fun.”

The female student body is looking to end the stereotype that moustaches are reserved for men. “We have every right to grow them out as the guys do,” the student said. They plan on supporting their own groups through this awareness movement. Some of those include the “Shave the Whales” campaign and the “No mo’ Mo bros” society.

The women will, however, still have some competition from the men. When asked for comment, one male student said, “It’s really not in how you grow the moustache, but how you wear it. The women will never be able to come off as a “sir” as the bros can.”

Another added that “Guys were the innovators of the greasy ‘stache, and so we do it best”. The men will continue to support the traditional causes associated with Movember.

With the women joining the growing race, the men of Mt. A have had to get creative. Because of this,  there will be some new featured moustache styles this year on campus. Two of the new and innovative  growing styles on campus include ‘The Swan,’ where one side of the moustache is lifted into a handlebar, and also ‘The Strike’, for those who wish to stop growing it out before the end of the month. More will be featured throughout the month. This year’s Movember is looking to be the biggest – and most competitive – that Mt.A has ever seen.

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