SUBLETTER WANTED! : Posted by Carl

Description: Housing available for subletting. Nice view, just a 30 minute walk to campus, I am leaving on exchange and need someone to take my place on the lease for months of February to May.

Additional Details: 3 bedroom / 2 bathroom unit. Other roommates are chill. $500 a month. Pet Policy: Sorry, no pets allowed!


Description: ALL UTILITIES ARE INCLUDED! Balcony terrace with skyline view of Sackville, only a 29 minute walk to campus.

Additional Details: 3 ½ bedroom/ 2 ½ bathroom unit. Roommates are SO chill. Room for $499 a month is available at DuckBill Apartments on 33 Squawk St. in Sackville New Brunswick.  Pet Policy: I won’t tell the landlord.

DON’T LISTEN TO CARLY!! : Posted by Carl

My place is way better. I’ll cut you a better deal than Carly. $400 monthly, all meals provided, and guaranteed ghost-free. Scratch the no pet policy. My room has perfect morning sunlight for Instagram pics and I have some sick posters from the poster sale!

Amenities:  High-speed internet if you stand close to it, doors, liberal roommates, windows that open almost all the way.

CARL IS FAKE… : Posted by Carly

Searched this guy up, he doesn’t even live in Sackville. It’s a fake number and  street; probably even a fake name. Maybe a murderer. Revised offer: $399 rent. If you’re single, my roommates are way hot!

Better Amenities: Bilingual and bisexual Roommates, view of highway.

LOOKING FOR ROOM TO RENT! : Posted by Carlos

DIBS ON CARLOS : Posted by Carly

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