Thank you to all our readers!

As we wind down here at the Argosy, we wanted to give a big thank you to all our supporters for choosing to get news from us this year. One avid fan and satisfied consumer of the Argosy was so enthusiastic, in fact, that we reached out to him to share his thoughts.

Local celebrity Evil Stuart (pictured) uses our newspaper every week. Although he’s publicly accused us of being “fake news” on his Instagram account (@Evilstuart666), the 1.5-year-old remains dedicated to our paper. Why? Evil Stuart believes no paper can measure up to the Argosy in one particular department: it’s shred-ability. Since it’s not our business what our readers/shredders do with the paper – but it is our business to make every issue enjoyable for our patrons – we appreciate Evil Stuart’s support regardless of how he chooses to enjoy our newspaper.

So whether you use the Argosy for entertainment, information or more practical reasons (including tearing it up and possibly shitting and sleeping in it like Evil Stuart 666), we want to thank you for choosing the Argosy for all your curiosity-satisfying, news-reading or house-training needs.

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