• ensures that all positions of the newspaper are fulfilled appropriately, in a timely manner, and receive the necessary training to satisfactorily complete their duties.
  • hires all staff, either for their year and/or their successor’s year, and holds the ability to fire staff
  • organizes and holds weekly pitch meetings and any other meetings, including board meetings and training sessions
  • corresponds to questions, comments, and critiques sent to the Argosy and, in certain cases, directs them to more appropriate correspondents
  • edits pieces, and ensures that they are written in informative, engaging, and appropriate ways, and follow correct grammar and The Argosy’s style guidelines
  • responsible for responding to any legal issues that may arise
  • Responsible for training incoming editor(s)-in-chief during and/or prior to the transition issue
  • Skills/Competencies

    Applicants should possess strong written and spoken communication skills, desire and ability to collaborate with a large group of team-members, and ability to respectfully and effectively delegate tasks and train members. They should be good team-players with strong organizational and administrative skills.

    Honorarium: $6,000 (for one editor) or $3,000 each

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