Positions available in:

  • News
  • Arts and Culture
  • Sports and Health


Each week a reporter pursues and writes a story of their choosing. The process involves arranging and conducting interviews, doing background research, and compiling gathered  information into an informative and engaging article. The position also involves corresponding on a weekly basis with editors who will offer guidance related to story ideas, structure, and grammar.


Other Duties

  • Attending weeklong training session on first week of school, which will be held every day in the afternoon or evening after school
  • Attending weekly pitch meetings (Mondays 6-7 p.m.), and arriving with several pitches (story ideas) to share



Strong applicants should possess strong written and spoken communication skills, storytelling proficiency, and can speak to previous/ongoing engagement in certain community areas, such as sports, arts, music, politics, etc. Strong applicants will be punctual, proactive, and have interest in improving their writing and communicating abilities.


No journalistic experience necessary, but an asset.


Honorarium: $800 – 1200 TBD: may be paid per piece or have set honorarium

To apply to a reporting or editing position, please send a cover letter, CV, and three writing samples

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